Full Beekeeping Starter Package

Full Beekeeping Starter Package

Our Full Beekeeping starter package has everything you need to start keeping bees in your first year.

Included is a day introduction to beekeeping course.

5 frame nucleus colony

Cedar beehive including 2 x brood boxes, 1 x super, queen excluder, cover board, floor, roof and rapid feeder.

12.5kg of invert bee feed

Gloves, Beesuit, Hive tool, smoker and smoker fuel.

Due to covid in 2020/ early 2021 we have had to delay all the day courses for the starter package and are now booking new courses for 2022.

If interested in booking a full starter package please contact us

Linnels Farm Workshop | Beekeeping Course

Day Beekeeping Course at Linnels Farm Hexham

Since 2018 we have run a day introduction to beekeeping course at Linnels Farm Hexham.
There are 3 set dates in 2021. 2 are already fully booked, and the 3rd date is 20th August which still has some places remaining.
The day course at Linnels Farm is split between half a days theory and half a days practical and is intended to give you enough knowledge and experience to be able to start your journey into beekeeping. Included is a 2 course lunch.
The course is directly bookable via Linnels Farm here. We are also more than happy to answer any questions about the course.


Lime Tree Avenue | Producing Runny Honey

Beekeeping Experience

The beekeeping experience by Northumberland Honey Co is great to book as a gift or if you just want to see what beekeeping is like, get into a beesuit and up close with the bees.

As part of the beekeeping experience you will get an insight into the world of beekeeping, learn how to handle a frame of bees and get to examine brood combs and if you’re lucky find the Queen bee!

The beekeeping experience involves a trip out to an apiary site in our vehicles and in 2021 due to covid social distancing restrictions dates are delayed until August 2021.

We are currently taking bookings for anyone with an existing voucher via the beekeeping experience bookings page. If when your order was registered we were provided with an e-mail you should have had a password for the login e-mailed in order to book. If you haven’t received this, please contact us and we will help.