Opening a bottle of Sparkling Mead | Traditional Method | Northumberland Honey Co

Have you heard of this Mead Drink?

Surprisingly many people haven’t. Yet mead has the chance to be the most sustainable alcoholic drink out there.

We are therefore frequently asked, how do you drink mead?

How to Drink Mead ?

The answer to this question is very much down to the type of mead drink you have in front of you. With our mead it is a Sparkling Mead, so you would tend to drink this chilled, very much like a Champagne or sparkling wine.

Other mead types may be taken warmed up or at room temperature, but with a perfect balance of acidity in the sparkling meads they are really a taste sensation when served chilled. The temperature change on the palate from chilled to warm allows the broadest experience of the flavour profile of the sparkling meads.

We suggest for our Sparkling Meads either half an hour in the freezer if you’re in a rush! Or keep them in the fridge so they are perfectly chilled and ready for you when you are. If you have the facility 6-8 degrees celcius is great.

So give this mead drink a go! You’ll be joining a growing army of people who are drinking different, drinking better and more sustainably!

If you have ideas to share about how you drink Sparkling Mead, please let us know!

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