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Buy Queen bees bred by Northumberland Honey Co on the Northumberland, Cumbrian Border. The breeding programme at Northumberland Honey is addressing the shortage of quality home bred queens in the UK. Supplying queen bees for sale to hobby and commercial beekeepers throughout the UK.

Queen bees are bred for docile temperament, good honey production (with breeders producing around 50Kg+ of honey in a season). Disease resistance is also at the core of the breeding work and we can now offer our Northumberland Buckfast line with VSH (Varroa Sensitive and Hygienic) traits alongside our Northumberland dark bees.

Queens Bees For Sale

  • Mated Queens
  • Virgin Queens
  • Instrumentally Inseminated Queens

Delivery and Collection

Queens are posted by Royal Mail special delivery or can be arranged to be collected.

If selecting a delivery week, we aim to provide the queens on the delivery week you select but also often have availability for Next Day Delivery.  Delivery is always by Royal Mail Special Delivery costing £6.85 for queens delivered on a working day, if needing Saturday delivery this is £12.50 and please note saturday delivery is not included if you select the free shipping option on orders over £50. The Saturday delivery service needs to be paid for as it is a relatively expensive service.

Availability is live on the website. Once ordered you will receive an e-mail confirmation and we will confirm the tracking number in an order completion e-mail.

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