Our Bee Breeding Work

Bee breeding is a fundamental part of what we do. We manage 400 mating nucs and over 200 honey production colonies. We select from the best of our own stock to raise home grown, Northumberland bred queens. We also utilise Instrumental Insemination to breed our breeder queens from guaranteed drones.
We are also fortunate to be working in Northumberland where brood diseases – European Foulbrood and American foulbrood are are virtually unheard of. We are also members of the disease accreditation scheme (DASH) and undertake regular audits from the National Bee Unit bee inspectors.
Two types of Queen Bees are produced from our two separate remote mating stations.
Northumberland Dark Bee  and Northumberland ‘Buckfast’ from proven varroa sensitive and hygienic stock.
We are passionate and dedicated to our queen breeding work, and hope to address a shortage of bees and queens that are quality and home bred in the UK. In 2020 we produced over 400 mated queens for our own use and for sale. In 2021 we aim to produce in excess of 1,500 queens so aim to be able to provide most quantities for beekeepers of all scales in the UK.
We have recently had some exceptional matings, therefore we have  a surplus of queens available for next day delivery.
Buckfast Queen For Sale UK
Instrumental Insemination of Queens at Northumberland Honey Co
Virgin Queen Bee | Bees For Sale

Virgin Queens

We offer both our Northumberland Buckfast and Northumberland Dark Bees for sale as Virgin Queens as well as Mated Queens.

Virgin Queens are posted on the same day as hatching to ensure they arrive with you around 24-48 hours old. The perfect age to introduced into your own mating nucs.

Coupled with the fact virgin queens are cheaper, these queens may be more of an economical solution for you.


Queen Matings

We use Apidea Mating Nucs, finding mating success to be strong, and being able to fully assess queens laying patterns prior to dispatch. Matings are acheived naturally on the whole, working from 40 drone rearing colonies. 20 Buckfast type around our Buckfast mating apiary, and 20 Dark bee type drone rearers around our Dark bee mating apairy.

We have both Mated Queens for Sale and Virgin Queens for Sale as well as instrumentally inseminated Queens for Sale.

Shipping of Queens

Once laying patterns are assessed, Queens are caged on the day of posting. Ensuring when they reach you they have spent the minimum time in the cage. A great example of how freshly caged the queens are is in the photo of the caged queens ready to send. If you look closely you’ll see the queens are very much in full lay as the white specks are eggs!
Queens are available to either have shipped by Royal Mail Special Delivery, or can be collected from our base at Haltwhistle, Northumberland.
You can buy queens online via the online shop.
Queen Shipping Cages | Newly Caged Queens for Shipping
Queens ready to be shipped - Note the white specks are eggs from a queen in full lay, this is uncommon to see but demonstrates how freshly caged the queens are.

Buy a Queen Bee

When buying a queen bee, be sure of why you need one. If this is your first time in receiving a queen bee, please read about the shipping of queens and the introduction guidelines.
Queens come in their own cage with attendant workers. When you receive there will also be guidance notes on how to introduce a queen bee, although please be aware queen introduction is never 100% successful. 
We accept orders online or over the phone if you’d like to discuss your individual queen requirements with us.
The office number is 01434 322981 or mobile 07752534953 which is often easier to contact us on during the busy beekeeping season. If we are unavailable at first please leave a message and we will get back as soon as possible.
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