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Sparkling Mead | Traditional Method

Sparkling Mead is created in the same vain as Champagne, mead produced by Northumberland Honey Co is a very different offering to most meads.

Production time is in excess of 2 years, following a primary fermentation and a secondary fermentation. Synonymous with the production of fine sparkling wines and Champagne, yet rather than being made with grapes, Sparkling Mead is produced from honey. This enables sparkling mead to be very sustainable, and in fact has helped to increase our bee numbers year on year since it’s inception in 2015.

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Northumberland Honey Sparkling Mead
Honey for Mead, bees on honey comb

Honey For Mead

Using the right honey for mead is crucial to the end result and quality of the mead.
We are fortunate in that we produce all our own honey for our meads. Using spring honey in the Wildflower, summer honey in the Rosé and Heather honey in the Heather Mead.
Are you starting out making mead and struggle to find quality honey? Please get in touch as we often have bulk honey for sale for making mead.

Traditional method for Mead Production

The meadery houses rows of bottles undergoing the traditional method, which is essentially a second fermentation inside the bottle. Naturally the yeast has to be removed, via a process called riddling. Riddling involves gently turning the bottles over many weeks until all the yeast is in the next/cap of the bottle.

Following this process disgorging takes place. Disgorging is the processes of removing yeast from the bottle. Yeast removal is obtained by freezing the bottle neck/cap at around -25 degrees celcius. The cap is removed (containing the yeast), and the final cork/ wirehood is put in place.

Meadery | Riddling Sparkling Mead

Sparkling Mead Varieties

You can find all the varieties of Sparkling Mead either below or on the online shop.

Each variety in essence follows our seasons. Starting with Wildflower produced from Spring Wildflower Honey, Rosé from the Summer wildflower and tree honey, and finally Heather from the end of the season made from the finest Heather honey.

Each variety is completely different, reflecting the honey. Wildflower being the driest, Rosé carrying subtle sweetness with a dry finish, and Heather being a bold deep honey giving the most complex character of them all.

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