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Package Bees | By Northumberland Honey Co

1.5 Kg Package Bees with Mated Queen

Pre-orders for 2022 season package bees is now open. Payment is required on ordering.

When booking, you also book a date and time for collection, please ensure you are available for this date and time and package bee production and collection has to work to very specific times. They do not keep in a package box for days for example.

If we need to change the date for weather or a delayed season for example we will contact before the collection date so please ensure your contact details are correct and also leave a phone number. Dates for bee collections are always subject to change as we have to work with the weather and season.

Please note package bees now come in a multi-box system.

There is option to return the box within 2 weeks of getting the bees and if you do you will receive the cost of the box back (£24) for returning the box.




1.5kg of Package Bees with Mated Queen

Package bees are useful to install into hive types such as top bar, warre, or foundationless hive systems. Essentially like a swarm of bees, a package of bees is made up of young bees and a queen bee.

Queens will be supplied marked.

Package bees will be available from the end of May/ start of June.



The total cost for the 1.5Kg Package Bees with Mated Queen is £224.

Bees are now provided in a multi box system, and there is option to return this box within 2 weeks of purchasing the bees for a £24 refund for the cost of the box.



When ordering package bees, please select a collection date from the drop down menu.

Package bees are only available for collection and cannot be posted out.



Queens can also be supplied clipped if desired, some beekeepers will clip their queens in a bid to reduce the loss of swarms. We tend to not clip our queens, but can provide this service if required for an extra £2.00 per queen.



Package bees have a very high feed requirement as they need this to be able to draw new comb, please ensure you feed your package bees as soon as you have installed.



Package bees require experience to install and look after. There is always a risk with swarming/ absconding with package bees. If needed we can offer advice on installation of package bees, but installation and the success of installation is entirely at your own risk.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 15 cm
Queen Type (this is a preference, please note depending on availability early in the season we cannot always guarantee your prefered type)

Northumberland Buckfast VSH Line, Northumberland Dark Bee

Clipped Queen

Yes, No

Collection Date

Friday 10th June 2022 4pm – 8pm


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