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Queen Bees For Sale

Queen Bees are bred by Northumberland Honey Co on the Cumbria/ Northumberland border in the Irthing Valley.
We are fortunate to have two separate remote mating stations and can offer two different lines of bees.
Northumberland Dark Bee
Northumberland ‘Buckfast’ from varroa sensitive and hygienic breeder.
We are passionate and dedicated to our queen breeding work which underpins how well our own 200 production colonies do, but also gives us a unique position to be able to help address the shortage of home bred bees and queens bred in the UK.
In the 2020 season we produced over 400 mated queens for our own use and for sale. In 2021 we aim to produce in excess of 1,500 queens so aim to be able to provide most quantities for beekeepers of all scales in the UK.
Queens are available to pre-order we also often have availability for immediate despatch too, please check the individual listings for queens on the shop.
Order process for buying Queen Bees

Please visit the Queen page on the online shop to order.  You can select a prefered delivery week and delivery day and we will always try to work to that. However please note, there is always variation in weather to consider with mating queens, so although we nearly always can deliver on your chosen week, there may be circumstances outside of our control that means queens may sometimes be delayed. Rest assured however we always keep in touch.

Queen Bee For Sale

Nucleus Colonies

Bees for Sale as Nucleus colonies covering 5 or 6 frames with Northumberland bred queens are available as either overwintered nucs in April (with overwintered queen) or Summer nucs in June (with newly mated queen).
Overwintered Nucleus Colonies

Overwintered 2021 Colonies had the highest demand we’ve seen. We will be putting many more overwintered nucs through winter 2021 so aim to be able to supply a greater number of nucs for spring 2022. These will be available to pre-order soon.

Summer Nucleus Colonies

Summer nucleus colonies are now all sold for the 2021 beekeeping season.

Quality Assurance

Northumberland Honey Co are members of the Bee Farmers Association, and are members of the Disease Accreditation Scheme in Honeybees ensuring the highest possible quality of bees. Northumberland is also lucky in that it has one of the lowest rates of notifiable brood disease in the country with both European and American Foulbrood virtually unheard of in our area. You can review this on the disease incidence map on bee base.

Nucleus colonies come on 5 frames in a temporary correx box for transportation only.

Please note if using a flow hive, you will need to be aware of what frame type the hive takes, usually this is Langstroth. You need to be sure what frame type you require in order to ensure the frames will fit your boxes.

Please note: 2021 Nucleus Colonies are now sold out, please check the online shop for Overwintered nucleus colonies for pre-order. These will be available for pre-order when we know the number going into winter.

5 Frame Nucleus Colony
Package Bees For Sale

Package Bees For Sale

Package bees are offered for sale for collection at the end of May each season. Made from our own bees and queens we make these packages from 1.5kg of young bees.

Perfect for stocking foundationless hive systems, such as warre and top bar hives, package bees are very versatile. They can also be used for starting bees on completely fresh combs.

Package bees are produced by us only on limited numbers each year as we utilise a significant number of young bees ourselves to stock our own mating nucs for queen rearing. However we are always increasing the number of package bees we produce to help provide a quality source of package bees from the UK and help to reduce reliance on imports of bees generally.

Advanced and early ordering of package bees is highly recommended as they always sell out in advance of the new season.